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Stearns & Foster Estate Line Mattresses

EVERY Stearns & Foster Estate bed features:

  • Individually wrapped Intellicoil™ - A proprietary coil-on-coil design that delivers the ultimate combination of conforming support for customized comfort and deep down support for optimum body alignment.
    • More supportive... it takes 78% more weight to compress our coils vs. their coils.
    • More durable... our coil is 44% heavier than theirs.
    • Will NOT take a set... our coil is tempered after forming; theirs is not.
    • The ONLY coil to offer both conforming and deep down support.
  • Variable Response Technology™ - this exclusive Infinilux® upholstery layer is designed to deliver resilient responsiveness where your body needs more support and cushioning comfort from head to toe.
    • A Stearns & Foster EXCLUSIVE.
    • Two conforming, low ILD zones create the ideal level of comfort at the shoulders & knees.
    • A medium ILD, more supportive center zone for the hip region.
  • EVERY model features Latex Foam or Memory Foam or a combination of both.
  • ALL covers feature silk infused fabric.
  • Carriage tufted borders with 8 vertical handles are standard on every model.

Sheely's is one of the few dealers in the area to carry the EXCLUSIVE Estates Line

Stop by our Lima, OH store location for the best deals and expert advice on Stearns & Foster Estates Mattresses.