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Trends to Try

Goodbye white… hello Earth tones!  For years we have seen classic simple white everywhere, on walls, cabinetry, furniture … everything! Things are moving in a different direction with grounded neutrals and warmer hues of muddy greens, creamy whites, and shades of brown.  These colors bring warmth and depth to your space.  Layer in textures from velvet to stone to elevate your current pieces.  Earth tones are the key to making your home complete and cozy.   White will always have its place, just think accent instead of only.

Green was huge in 2023 and it doesn’t seem as though it is going anywhere anytime soon!  From kitchen cabinets to large upholstery items homeowners are making big commitments to this beautiful hue.  Don’t be afraid to take the leap and try something new or change out accessories to update your entire space.  Green brings the comfort and beauty of the outdoors inside.  It is calming yet a statement in itself, so why not go green?

Try Green
Try Green
Try Green

Dark & Moody
Unwind in a moody statement room cocooned in dark sultry hues that feel elevated and almost mischievous.  To envision this space think dark green, navy, charcoal, or even eggplant.  It’s rich and sophisticated with a hint of eclecticism.  Dark and moody could be used in almost any space but seem to lend well in dens, bedrooms, and sitting areas.  Ambient lighting and high-end finishes round out a room designed to decompress from the world.

Dark and Moody

Layered Vintage
Create a thoughtfully curated home with layered vintage design.  Incorporate family heirlooms and sentimental pieces of furniture and accessories with your new favorite finds.  Give your space a warm lived-in feel with antique pottery, old books, woven baskets, and unique wall treatments.  Bring in a new rug with an old soul sense to compliment your generational furniture or repurposed treasures to produce the perfect mix of old and new in your space.  Introduce and keep things you think are beautiful and bring you joy!