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At Sheely’s, we have been proactive by taking precautions for the health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors, and our community. On 3/17/2020, we self-imposed temporary closure due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Effective Monday, 3/23/2020 we will be closed through 4/30/2020 following Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton’s Stay at Home Order. None of this is easy and we appreciate your support and understanding at a difficult time for us all. We look forward to seeing you, our employees, our customers, our vendors, and our community soon. Please stay home, stay safe and God bless you all.


WHIRLPOOL: 1-866-698-2538

ELECTROLUX: 1.877.435.3281

SPEED QUEEN: 1.800.552.5475

LG: 1.800.243.0000

SAMSUNG: 1.800.726.7864

FRIGIDAIRE: 1.800.374.4432

10 Tips For a Better Nights Sleep

  1. Make sleep a priority.
  2. Create a bedtime routine that is relaxing.
  3. Create a room that is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool.
  4. Evaluate your mattress and pillow to ensure proper comfort and support.
  5. Keep work materials, computers and televisions out of the bedroom.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. If you sleep with a partner, your mattress should allow each of you enough space to move easily.
  8. Avoid nicotine(e.g., cigarettes, tobacco products)
  9. Avoid caffeine and alcohol(e.g.,coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate)
  10. Finish eating at least two to three hours before bedtime.
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