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Mattresses FAQ's

Why are today's mattresses so thick?

Research has shown that proper support and comfort are critical to a good night's sleep. New technology and generous amounts of upholstery are specifically designed to gently support your body while reducing tossing and turning.

My new set is much higher than my old one!

While this is expected, it certainly can be surprising. However, there are several easy remedies to resolve this. The first rule is ...”CHANGE THE HEIGHT, NOT THE MATTRESS!” After all, the most important thing is a good night's sleep. Your Sheely’s sales associate can help you reduce the height of your mattress set with the following options.

  • Reduced Height Box Spring - a matching box spring of equal quality at a lower height
  • Low-Profile Bed Frame - a strong metal bed frame of equal quality at a lower height
  • Drop-Down Metal Rails- a lower height rail system that accommodates a headboard and footboard

My new mattress seems to be sagging where I sleep!

Relax, these slight “body impressions” are absolutely normal and expected. Your new set of bedding will conform to your body like a new pair of shoes conforms to your feet. In fact, you should be more concerned if your mattress does not show slight body impressions! Thicker, plusher mattresses will show more pronounced impressions than firmer mattresses. Body impressions should only concern you if they exceed 1 1/2 inches. This is very rare, and your limited warranty protects you from this type of defect. The diagram, at right, details the difference between body impressions and sagging.

ON KING SETS: As most individuals do not sleep in the middle of the king set and may sleep apart, body impressions might form where you do sleep. For that reason, you may notice a ridge in the middle of the set which is quite normal.

It's taking longer than I thought to get used to my new mattress!

Most people go through an “adjustment period” with their new mattress. This is completely normal and to be expected. It is likely that your old mattress lost its support capabilities and your body was conforming to a non-supportive posture while sleeping. Just like new shoes can cause discomfort at first, your body needs to adjust to the “corrective action” of the new support system. This adjustment period may last a few days or up to a month depending on the individual. More than 99% of the time, your initial discomfort will subside and you will be sleeping wonderfully in no time at all.

Important information regarding warranty service.

The following situations will VOID your manufacturer’s warranty. Simple caution and care will protect your investment.

  • Please do not remove the “Law Label” attached to the product. The “Law Label” has coded information that the manufacturer uses to identify the mattress.
  • Always protect your mattress and box spring from soiling and stains. The manufacturer will not service or replace any item deemed unsanitary. The law prohibits the handling of used bedding deemed unsanitary, thus creating a potential health hazard.

For all other concerns, refer to the manufacturer's warranty card.

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