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Furniture Protection Plan

Most of our manufacturers offer warranties on their products that range from one year and on. In addition, we offer a supplemental furniture protection plan that can be purchased before your furniture is delivered to your home. This extended warranty plan provides comprehensive coverage to protect your new furniture against everyday household accidents. We offer plans that cover wood furniture, upholstered fabric furniture, leather furniture, mattresses, and rugs. Our protection plan allows you to live with the furniture you love — without worry.


All warranties, if any, on merchandise are from the manufacturer. Only the manufacturer and not Sheely's shall be liable for performance under such warranty, unless Sheely's furnishes the buyer with a written warranty.

Warranties apply to furniture and appliances which are subject to normal use in the home and not to defects that are a result of negligence, misuse, accidents, or pet damage, warranty is not valid if the furniture or appliance is used in a commercial, industrial or institutional setting.

Sheely’s is proud to offer you comprehensive protection programs covering accidental damage to fabric, leather, vinyl/upholstery (some exclusions apply, see policy for details). These provide you with an easy way to receive service on your furniture if it is accidentally damaged.

Sheely’s also offers programs to extend the manufacturer's warranty available for all furniture and appliances.

Out of Zone Service

In warranty service will be provided in our store for items that have been picked up or delivered outside of our free delivery zone. Transportation of the product is the responsibility of the customer. First year in home service trip charge is equal to half of your delivery fee. Local factory authorized service centers will gladly be provided for out of zone and Pennsylvania appliance service. For products that carry more than one year of warranty coverage is for defects and does not include labor and transportation.


Sheely's has one of the best furniture service teams in the industry. They can usually take care of any issue more quickly than the manufacturer and with less inconvenience to you. Since your satisfaction is important to us, please let our skilled technicians show you one of the reasons why people buy from Sheely's.

Sheely’s also provides premium service for most major brands of appliances. We maintain the largest manufacturer-accredited service department in the area. For appliances sold outside of our service area local factory authorized service centers will gladly be provided.


Bedding and power bases are nonreturnable. Mattresses and box springs are warranted by the manufacturer against structural defects such as wood frames, springs, and border wires breaking. Ticking or fabrics on all sleep products are warranted for one year. Please note: bedding with multiple layers of padding may develop a "Body Signature" of less than 1.5 inches. This is normal and is not a defect. This means the mattress is doing it’s job in conforming to your body.

It is recommended and is a requirement of the manufacturer's warranty that king size mattress sets have a bed frame that has cross/center supports to avoid sagging of the foundation. Please do not remove the "Law Label" attached to the product. The "Law Label" has coded information that the manufacturer uses to identify the mattress.

Always protect your mattress and box spring from soiling and stains. The manufacturer will not service or replace any item deemed unsanitary. Sheely’s offers a line of mattress protectors that complement the warranty provided by the bedding manufacturer. A service charge will apply for any service required after the one year free service expires. Manufacturers of sleep products carry their own warranties. We can assure you that we will make every effort to provide prompt and fair service on these products.


Manufacturers of upholstery fabrics do not warrant for wear-ability, pilling or color fastness.

Vacuum the upholstered surface with a soft brush attachment weekly to remove dirt and dust that can cut threads or wear fibers. Fading, pilling and shading are characteristics of certain types of fabrics and are not defects. Pilling may be removed with a shaver. Upholstery should be kept out of direct sunlight.

All seat cushions should be turned and rotated (if reversible) after every vacuuming (at least every few weeks). This will help stop your cushions from twisting and provide even wear. If twisting does occur, simply open the zipper and pull the fabric around by hand. Zippers are there for ease of assembly by the manufacturer. Do not attempt to remove covers or to machine wash.


Leather items can be wiped with a soft dry cloth. We recommend, for the best care of your leather, the purchase of leather protection from Sheely's at the time of your purchase of leather upholstery. Leather furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.

Nature loves to be creative and, as a result, no two pieces of leather are identical. Even the same hide has shade differences due to higher or lower density of the material's fibrous structure. As well, there will be distinctive marks from barbed wire nicks, branding, scratches and even insect bites. These give each piece of leather upholstery a personality all of its own.

Only true leather can boast these marks and they are not considered cause for a warranty claim.


Dust regularly with a soft clean cloth, or slightly moistened with a natural polish. Avoid polishes containing petroleum products, since they may damage the finish. Even dust may be abrasive, so always dust with the grain and not across it.

Avoid putting furniture in direct sunlight, since it may bleach the finish.

Commercial glass cleaners may discolor brass or chrome finishes.

Be sure to always use felt discs, place mats (without rubber backing), coasters, etc., when placing lamps, glasses, hot objects, etc., on table tops.

Despite modern, water resistant finishes, it is very important that water not be allowed to stand on top of finishes or in decorative router lines.

When storing table leaves, always lay flat beneath a bed or somewhere out of the way. Standing on end will cause them to warp.

All wood grains absorb stains differently. Inch by inch, there will always be varying degrees of light and dark tones throughout. This is the characteristic which makes your piece beautifully unique.

Tilting back in chairs when sitting in them is dangerous and will loosen the glue joints. This practice should be strictly discouraged. Also avoid standing on chairs or hooking your heels on the cross supports of the chair base. Remember, decorative wood spindles are fragile and will break if subjected to undue stress.

Modern technology has improved much in the way furniture is produced; modern glues are less susceptible to drying up, modern finishes have greater resistance to marking, and expensive carved moulding can be produced for a fraction of the price. The one thing modern technology hasn't improved is wood.

Although wood has its beauty, it is far from perfect. It's the nature of wood to have knots, mineral deposits, worm holes and unusual grain patterns. Each piece is as individual as a fingerprint and will take the stain slightly differently even two boards from the same tree. This is inherent to wood and is not a defect unless it interferes with the product giving satisfactory service.

It should also be remembered that manufacturers, striving to obtain a particular "look", incorporate wood's imperfections and other slight irregularities into the finished product. This is especially true of more casual styles like country. If such production "flaws" are objectionable to you, we would be happy to assist you in finding a style that’s right for you.