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Hanging With Sheely's


Visualize where the photo will hang by leaning it against the wall or mantel.

Hang pictures last after the room is laid out.

Your home is your gallery. Make every room a masterpiece by following a few simple rules when it comes to hanging artwork.

Before you commit to putting a hole in the wall, try out a picture by leaning it against the wall of a mantel or by cutting out a piece of paper in the same size. Hang pictures last, after the room is laid out and furniture is in place.

Space grouped pictures 2 to 4 inches apart.

Hang art 6 to 12 inches above furniture.

You don’t have to hang a picture on every wall. This looks too busy and doesn’t allow you to create a focal point in the room.

Whether you’re hanging one picture — or a group of two or more — the total length should equal about two-thirds the length of the furniture piece. A small picture will look out of place over a large sofa.

Grouped pictures should be spaced two to four inches apart, and should hang six to twelve inches above your furniture.

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