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Kids' Rooms


When you’re a kid, your room is your world, your personal sphere of influence where what you say, goes (except on issues of bedtime).

The room must have a style uniquely theirs.

Invest in furniture that's going to last.

Every child’s room must have a sense of fantasy and a style uniquely theirs. But don’t put your money on the racecar-shaped bed they’ll want to trade in several months. Instead, pack the personality into easily changeable and inexpensive items, like area rugs, bedding, accessories and wall paint.

Invest in furniture that’s going to last. A few quality pieces will accommodate changing décor…and 4-inch growth spurts.

Storage is important.

Kids need a place to display their stuff.

Storage is important. If space is limited, bring in multifunctional units, such as beds with drawers or stools with storage. Keep like items in one place for easy organization. Easy is the key for kids to keep their rooms neat. Shelving or bookcases offers kids a place to display their stuff and encourages them to read.

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