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Red: Vitality, courage, self-confidence

Red is the color of passion and excitement, encouraging lively interaction in activity areas. Adrenaline is released in the presence of red. Red is intense, impulsive, active, competitive, daring and aggressive. It stimulates appetite, heightens the sense of smell, raises the pulse and increases blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. It is highly visible, alerting us to pay attention. Because of its power and heat, red is best used in splashes or accent pieces rather than in large quantities. Tone red down to shades of rose and pink for quieter areas. Good rooms for red décor are the kitchen, dining room, party room, game room and some small spaces.

Yellow: Wisdom, clarity, self-esteem


Yellow is bright. It gets attention easily. Yellow symbolizes energy and sunlight and is associated with springtime, happiness and life. It is a warm and cheerful color, lifting our spirits and giving us energy. Paler shades enhance concentration, clear thinking, creativity and confidence. Yellow is a great choice for home libraries and offices, as it helps one to absorb information and stimulates the short-term memory. It’s also an inviting, stimulating color for kitchens and rooms lacking natural light, as well as dining rooms and playrooms. A word of caution – when bright yellow is used over large areas, it increases anxiety levels within 45 seconds, raises blood pressure and can be tiring to the eyes. Use appropriate shades and in moderation.

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