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THE SPA RETREAT – Blue and Green

Blue: Knowledge, health, truth

Blue is the color of peace, healing and tranquility and is associated with knowledge, health and truth. Blue causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming. It can increase productivity and strength, and is the color most likely to produce the lowest pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and eye-blink frequency. Deeper shades help induce a good night’s sleep, making blue an excellent choice for bedrooms. And with its power to lift you away from your physical surroundings and de-stress, it’s also perfect for bathrooms, libraries and home offices.

Green: Balance, self-control, harmony

Green represents life, nature and the feeling of calmness, friendliness and freshness. Green is a soothing color that renews and cleanses, actually lowering our heart rate and helping us focus. Dark greens are conservative and solid, associated with wealth, security and success. Lighter greens represent new growth. Physically easy on the eye, green can actually improve vision. It is calming and refreshing to the mind, and helps build tissue cells like muscle and bone. It relieves tension, lowers blood pressure, dilates the capillaries, produces a feeling of warmth and helps even out the emotions. Good rooms for décor in green are the bedrooms, bathrooms, living and family rooms, media room and the library.

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