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About Us

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Sheely’s has been family owned and operated since the 1950’s, when part time math teacher and full time electrician Dale Sheely Sr. started to sell a few hot water heaters from his wiring store house. Dale wired houses during the day while his wife Alyce minded the store along with their six children. As word of mouth spread and demand grew they expanded into appliances and eventually furniture. Growing up on a farm Dale learned at a young age the value of money and only bought and built what he could afford avoiding loans, high interest and partners.

His true secret to success however was his customer service and unique approach to the retail industry. Dale believed in every day low pricing and low pressure sales which continues to be Sheely’s mantra today. He serviced what he sold and was honest and fair to his customers. These aspects of the business and many others have continued to be the guiding principles over the last 7 decades. The foundation that Dale built has transformed over the years but the core values are still there, even his stead fast belief in being closed on Sundays to be able to have a day of faith and family.

Giving back to the community

Founder Dale Sheely Sr. instilled philanthropy in his children and grandchildren and ingrained it into his business. He and his wife Alyce founded and funded the Sheely Foundation which gives back to local churches and families in need.  In carrying on this tradition Sheely’s continues to focus on giving back to the community by being involved.  Their employees participate in fun runs like the Panarathon, they support their local schools and sponsor local teams but they wanted to do more.

They began a quarterly charity drive in 2019.  Each quarter a local charity is selected by votes from our social media following empowering the community to decide what is important to them.  Since inception they have partnered with remarkable local charities such as Akron Children’s Hospital and local chapters of The Humane Society and The American Heart Association.  Sheely’s encourages employees to take part in giving back by offering casual Fridays with a monthly donation to the quarterly charity and hosting drives included diapers, toys and pet supplies for local shelters.  Sheely’s matches all donations dollar for dollar and has raised and distributed over $150,000 in additional to physical donations since 2019.

In addition, Sheely’s created the Dale Sheely Sr. STEM Scholarship award where they grant two local seniors $5,000 towards fulfilling their dreams of completing a four year degree at the institution of their choice.  The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and remain in the STEM field in order to continue to qualify.  Sheely’s hopes the STEM scholarship will open doors to our deserving seniors at our local South Range and Aurora School District.

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Sheely Sr.

For more information or on how to apply or be placed on the local charity list please call email or call us at 330-549-3901.