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Room To Dream


It’s where you shut out the world, where you relax and renew, where your new day dawns. More than any other room in your home, your bedroom really is all about you. Design accordingly.

The bed sets the style of the room.

It's a place to relax and renew.

The bed is the main attraction and it sets the style of your room. Place your bed in an area that won't obstruct doors or windows, and allow at least 15 inches to move around. Invest in a quality mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Besides sleeping, your bedroom is a place to unwind, watch TV or relax with a good book. So decide what other items you’d like in your bedroom, such as a nightstand, a TV armoire or a chair for reading.

Add your own personal style.

Make your room a retreat.

The bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so give it a style that's all your own. From the bedding and the furniture to the accessories, including artwork and photographs, adding your own personal style can turn your bedroom into a retreat.

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