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Home Offices That Work

Maximize Storage.

De-clutter, sort and organize.

Whether you conduct business from home or just need a little space of your own, here’s how to create a home office that works for you.

First, de-clutter, sort and organize. Your desktop should hold only the things you use most often – computer, pens and notepads. Five feet of workspace is ideal for your desk or countertop.

Light your work area.

Add some personality.

Maximize storage with plenty of drawers to hide equipment and files, and shelves to hold books and personal items, such as photos. Put magazines in a bin or decorative basket and recycle them after six months, whether you’ve read them or not.

Make sure your work area is well lit – with both task lighting directed onto the work surface and ambient lighting – and that your chair has good back support. Having a window you can turn and look out gives your eyes a focal point in the distance to relieve eyestrain. However, don’t place the computer screen directly in front of a window; the glare can strain your eyes.

Add some personality. The whole point of a home office is that it’s your space. It doesn’t have to look like the rest of the house, and it doesn’t have to suit anyone’s style except your own.

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