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That's Entertainment


When it comes to entertaining, the coolest guests to invite are the latest standouts in home theaters.

Wall units offer storage and style.

Plasma lifts hide the screen when not in use.

Say goodbye to the box that holds your TV. These days, wall units come in varying sizes and styles and are designed to look like actual furniture showpieces rather than mere television holders. Ample storage accommodates all electronics and media. Most units even provide wire management and are pre-wired, leaving only one or two cords outside the unit.

As televisions expand up to and beyond 60 inches, furniture manufacturers are responding with units that expand to fit various screen sizes.

Plasma lift consoles hide the screen when not in use. The plasma emerges with the touch of a button. Like wall units, they’re available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Serious comfort - motorized theater seating.

Push a button to recline.

Your seating must be comfortable for two or a crowd. Motorized theater seating does the trick. As you sink into the leather, push a button in the armrest to recline and elevate your feet. Cup holders and hidden compartments keep things neat. Best of all, these units can be grouped in various combinations to fit any space.

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