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The well-arranged coffee table


Group accessories by color, shape and scale.

Add accessories and books to showcase your interests.

So your coffee table has become a cocktail of newspapers, magazines and remotes.

The solution? An infusion of style and easy organization.

The well-arranged coffee table displays items that are grouped by color, shape or scale. Always group items in odd numbers and varying heights. Accessories and books should showcase your interests.

Place coffee tables one to two feet from sofa.

Add a leather box, basket or bin for storage.

As a center of entertaining, the coffee table should be placed one to two feet from the sofa. It should be interesting without feeling cluttered. So maintain lots of open space, and keep groupings somewhat informal. Small items can be stacked to achieve the look of a single large object.

To keep things organized, consider a leather box for TV remotes, books, magazines or your e-reader.

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