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Purple: Beauty, creativity, spiritualism

Purple combines the passion of red and the tranquility of blue. It is a spiritual, romantic color. Lighter shades reflect innocence, imagination and femininity. Purple reduces hunger, stimulates the upper brain and depresses heart muscles and motor nerves. It helps maintain ionic balance and increases the power of meditation. Use it in any environment where you want to encourage an “out of this world” feeling. Splashes of violet in any social room will promote detachment and spiritual connection. Good rooms for décor in purple are bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.

Orange: Happiness, confidence, resourcefulness

Orange is bold and inviting, sparking creativity and conversation. Lively and warm, orange shares the power of red, yet is less intense, less passionate – creating a sense of well being and home. Deeper shades have an exotic connotation, while brighter shades are tangy and citrusy. Darker, more muted oranges invite a person to relax and stay longer. As a strong appetite stimulant, orange is a perfect choice for dining rooms. It’s also great for living rooms, family rooms, bathrooms and entryways.

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